Voices – The TFR1 Project

TrekFan Radio One

UPDATE: Signup form now active! Click here to join us!

Are you an amateur voice actor? Or just… someone who wants to know what this is all about?

This is not a seminar. This isn’t one of those classes where you pay someone to tell you ‘how to get into the business.’ This is the actual business, run by experienced professionals that hire voice actors. It costs nothing. If you’re hired, you will be paid for your work.

The Organization
TrekFan is a huge STAR TREK fan club with over 12,000 members worldwide. It’s completely free and the focus is on STAR TREK, friendship and learning new things.

The Client
TrekFan Radio One is a TrekFan project — It’s a radio station running 24 hours a day. While the original bumpers that have been on the station are great, they simply don’t sound fresh anymore. We want new voices and new sounds — That’s where you come in.

Michael Stevens is the program director of TrekFan Radio One, and he holds absolute and supreme authority over what goes on the air. No matter what the creative team does or what they produce, it all comes down to the client. Mike has spent years in broadcast automation (including a radio degree from Park University) and experience with a number of FM radio stations as well as streaming stations.

The Creative Team
Emmett Plant, Supervising Producer

Emmett has produced thousands of hours of audio content from audiobooks to musical scores. A sampling of his production credits are available here. This project was his idea because he’s met so many people that want to be voice actors and he wanted to throw the doors open to anyone who wants to learn more. It may not be a great idea. We’ll see.

Jonathan Connor, Technical Director

Jonathan is an engineer for a major technology company, but has also been a tremendous asset to the technical needs of countless creative productions in Santa Clara, Orange County and the Phoenix Metro area. He is a co-founder of TrekFan, has an unhealthy obsession with the croissants at Costco, and spends ridiculous amounts of time watching the Arizona Coyotes give up 3 goal leads. Yeah, he’s heard the Terminator jokes. You’re on the front line when it all goes down, now…

Anton Kromoff, Script Supervisor

Anton is a writer, director and producer for multi-platform digital content during the day — But at night he’s a creative director for an online tabletop gaming network! His three loves in life are his wife, his cats, and creative collaboration.

James Dugas, Production Assistant

James is a 29-year-old multimedia tech who has worked theaters, conferences, and occasionally online. He’s got a passion for writing, good food, and new creative projects both personal and professional. Give him some good tea and he’s a friend for life. James will be your primary point-of-contact for this project.

The Conduit
This project and these people have only come together in the past couple of hours, but we want to do this entire project as transparently as possible. If you want to get involved (even at this early stage), you can find us in the #project-tfr1 channel on the TrekFan Discord. Here’s the link. If you want to wait until there are more details, that’s fine too! We’ll post updates to this page.